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Pirates in Cali

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Pirates in Cali

Post  beethoven on Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:55 am

Me and Nick started a run to Liberty. We got to NY without any problems. Some zoner girls were really horny and bagged Nick to "do" them for 15 minutes until we were out of NY.

Nick was very professional and refused the "ladies" sex invites. I suppose I am to old because they really wanted Nick.
Now, in Cali we meet 2 outcasts pirates(Voodoo_doll and Garviel_Loken), a GB and a VHF. We tried to be reasonable but they wanted 4 mil credits per ship.
I was lucky and I escaped but Nick....wasn't so lucky.

Some screens below. Boss, can you put some bounties on these 2 fools?

Thanks Boss


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